Women Jewelry stores on social media

Women Jewelry stores on social media

Shopping by using social media accounts has always been of great interest by the customers. People want ease in their shopping and want their shopping patterns updated and latest. Online shopping provides customers with ease and latest designs and also discount offers. Different social media platforms have different stores providing a vast range of products and services to the customers. The main stores that are providing products and services under quality brand names are mainly providing services on social media. These products may be like jewelry, dresses, bags and almost everything now could be found online. Following listed are some social media stores for women jewelry:

Monica Vinader

This brand provides its customers with fine quality jewelry and collection of different designs and color patterns. This jewelry can be personalized and made on special orders and could be worn on regular basis. This brand has enough instagram followers from where you could see designs and also book the orders by selecting what suits you.


This is basically a collaboration based business that is owned by Marisa Hordern, and her sister and mother. This brand is known in a huge audience for its quality designs and a vast color range. It offers a vast range of contemporary designs for its users on almost feasible price. These prices make this brand more attractive for the customers. All you need to do is to follow Missoma’s profile on instagram and look for appealing designs.

Sophie Brahe

This brand offers a huge variety of designs in colorful patterns and beautifully carved creations. You can look and search for the designs at the intagram profile of this brand.

Eddie Borgo

This brand was established in 2008 and is excelling in providing luxury jewelry to its customers. You can look and search for the jewelry at this instagram account. The basic designs of jewelry of these brands are stone made and this brand also promotes itself by using celebrity appearance.


This brand promotes Persian heritage in its designs and creates jewelry with unique and innovative designs. The jewelry of this brand provides lifestyle that fits luxury class. The designs and quality both are classy and the color combinations that this brand uses enhance your jewelry collection.

Delfina Delettrez

This brand offers an amazing and stylish combination of jewelry. You can search and look for outstanding jewelry designs in affordable prices.


This brand is owned by Gai Repossi and was established in 1920 by her grandfather. This jewelry brand focuses on the unique French designs and modernity. You can visit her instagram account to get the latest designs booked.


This brand was established in the year 2009. The owner is Annoushka Ducas who is famous for her amazing jewelry designs worldwide. This brand is renowned for the best jewelry designs to cater the desires of women regarding jewekry. You can follow her instagram account for latest jewelry designs and for booking orders. So these are some of the brands that are providing outclass collection of amazingly made jewelry. All these brands have instagram accounts and they usually buy instagram views so that you could be aware of latest trends in jewelry.