Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept, Features, Specs, Price and News

Samsung unveiled its flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at the Mobile World Conference 2016 on February 21. It went on to sell in Europe and North America on March 11. With the latest flagship phone on the market shelve, it’s time we start counting days for Galaxy S8. For interested fans, there are already tons of rumors, concept design with note-worthy specifics floating about the internet. In Samsung’s S model series, the Galaxy S8 is the third curved release. As far as the new concept look goes, S8 is planning on bringing new stuff on board alongside improving on speed, expanding options, we may even see a larger screen, more internal storage, faster processor, etc. We are going to do a roundup of all these information and also talk about the probable release date of Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Galaxy S8 Concept

We have been listening to the wants of Samsung fans, and it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have all that is desired. According to speculations, the device is going to be as good as any, if not better. It is supposed to have improved visual display, camera features, better interface, increased security, etc. Added to these the S8 will have premium glass outer body both of the front and back and Corning Gorilla glass that’ll improve both durability and protection of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

The Samsung S series is going to have a couple of improved features like security, productivity, more speed, and smoother to function. The Samsung Note 7 comes with an iris scanner, and it is expected that the Galaxy S8 will also have an improved version of Iris scanner. So now you will be able to unlock the phone just by staring at it. Rumors are that the iris scanner will also be faster, i.e. take less time to respond and much more responsive.

Android Pay and Samsung Pay will enable the safe and convenient checkout at many retailers worldwide. We have also been hearing rumours of a unique glass-like cover that is durable that’ll hold the device much better than the current models and it’s going to be waterproof. The Galaxy S8 will have Android Auto which will help users connect their vehicles with their device so they can access playlists, app and several other features.

Galaxy S8 Variants

Predicting the variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a hell of a tough job. Many believe that Samsung could stick to the current formula of releasing a standard model and a larger variant with the dual-edge display. But, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 with a dual-edge screen and made it the standard model. So we think that the Korean tech giant may incorporate the same strategical move in the S-Series too, and the Galaxy S8 Edge could be the released as the new Galaxy S8. And the main reason behind our confidence is a recent report published in the Korean Herald, which claims that the tech conglomerate has already given hints of removing the standard flat-screen variant and replacing it with the edge version.

Moreover, according to Koh Dong-Jin, the head of the Samsung’s mobile business has also said that the has decided to make the edge display their signature move of the Galaxy S smartphone series only if the tech giant can satisfy the consumers through the software and the user-friendly functions for the curved screen.

Also, the Korean media had reported previously that Samsung is planning to launch five flagship handsets in 2017 including the foldable Galaxy X. We are expecting that Samsung will unveil at least one Galaxy Note phone, which also comes under this group of five coveted smartphones. So it indicates that there will be two or three variants of Galaxy S8 and also a slight chance of the Galaxy S8 Mini to make a comeback.

Galaxy S8 Specs and New Features

Samsung has picked the best specs and features of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and upgraded them accordingly to make the Samsung Galaxy S7 a beast of a handset. The smartphone comes with the waterproof body and staggering expandable storage. Although, we are very impressed with the phone. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to improve the phone. We have discussed all the probable Samsung Galaxy S8 features and specs below, so kindly go through the whole article.


The Galaxy S7 flaunts a design combining glass and metal which gives the phone a stunning premium look. So, we don’t think the Korean tech giant is going to change the design in the upcoming instalment. Now the question arises whether the Galaxy S8 is going to be packed with a removable battery or not. As of now, that seems very unlikely, unless Samsung does something unexpected with the design, just like their Korean rival LG did with the G5. On the other hand, faster and wireless charging is more believable to feature regarding the battery aspect.

Galaxy S8 Screen Size and Resolution

The Korean tech giant has been sporting a 5.1-inch screen size for the regular Galaxy S models since the Galaxy S5. So it looks like the Galaxy S8 won’t go through a drastic change and will be released with an impeccable display size. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 Edge with the 5.5-inch is the by far the biggest display sized phone, Samsung has launched under the prestigious Galaxy S series of handsets. So, we think Galaxy S8 will come with a 5.5-inch display while the Galaxy S8 Edge is expected to flaunt a 5.7-inch display.

Now the question looms large over the screen resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S8. As Sony has already introduced the 4K display in their Xperia Z5 Premium handset, Samsung is also planning to include it on the Galaxy S8 with a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160. Also, the compatibility with the Gear VR is also tempting the Korean company to bring in the 4K display in the Galaxy S8.

There is no doubt about it that the Quad HD display on the S7 looks fantastic. But when a user connects the handsets with the Gear VR, the experience gets fairly pixelated as the resolution becomes halved, Full HD for each eye. Since the Virtual reality is the most emerging and next big thing in the tech world, it will be not at all surprising that the Galaxy S8 comes with a 4K display, as then only the user will get a Quad HD resolution for each eye while looking through the VR.

The tech gurus are also optimistic about the 4K display because Samsung has already launched a device with a 5.5-inch screen and an Ultra HD resolution (pixel density of 806ppi) especially for the virtual reality devices. So if the company can put the 4K display into a headset, they can do it for the Galaxy S8 too.  But Samsung may incorporate the 4K display only in the Galaxy S8 Edge rather than the smaller regular model, to lure the customers to go for the more premium model.

Galaxy S8 Cameras

 Dual-cameras have become more of a standard feature of today’s flagship smartphones and Apple with the launch of the latest iPhone 7 has set a benchmark for the other companies too. Moreover, LG and Huawei has also launched their respective flagships LG G5 and Huawei P9 with the dual-camera setup.

 Samsung is also trying to unveil the upcoming Galaxy S8 with same camera setup too. According to a report based on a Chinese source, the Galaxy S8 will feature a 12 and 13-mega pixel dual-lens primary camera manufactured by Samsung Motors. Now, whether the company will introduce a telephoto lens just like the iPHone 7 or different sensors like the P9 or different fields of view like the G5, be also that is yet to be revealed.

 Also, the handset is expected to sport an 8-megapixel front-facing snapper, which will be an upgrade from the current 5-megapixel front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Moreover, the device will reportedly to come with a Smart Glow feature, which is a circular LED on its primary camera to notify the users of their various phone activities.


The Galaxy S7 is powered by either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8890 chipset, depending on the region it is going to be sold. We are expecting that Galaxy S8 will also come with one of the two aforementioned processors, more likely the latter one.

Also, the 2017 processors are expected to manufacture with a 10nm process, and many leaks suggest that ARM has already started working on 10nm chipsets. Now the current generation chips are manufactured with 14 nm process, and both Qualcomm and Samsung use ARM chipsets. So there are high chances the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor or the next generation Exynos processor. The benefit of a 10nm processor is, it will be more powerful as well as energy efficient. Moreover, the Snapdragon 830 chipset features Qualcomm’s X16 modem which is going to be significantly quicker than the Galaxy S7’s X12 modem and will support download speed up to 1GB per second. So with this insane downloading speed you can even be able to download films in a blink of an eye or can theoretically stream a VR event live.

USB port

Till now Samsung was reluctant to welcome the latest version of USB on its phones as the Galaxy S7 still features Micro-USB 2.0. But things have changed as Apple has already incorporated the Lighting port in iPhone 7 and Samsung is also thinking to introduce the USB Type-C in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

As we said earlier, USB Type- C is very much similar with Apple’s Lightning port, as both are reversible in nature. That means the user can plug the cable in either way round. Moreover, the USB Type-C offers faster charging and capable of supplying more power. Another reason Samsung is going to stick with the Micro-USB port is to ensure that the Galaxy S8 will be fully compatible with next generation Gear VR headset, which is expected to come before or with the new flagship handset.


As the battery of the Note 7 has garnered so much controversy, the Korean firm is planning about an ‘all-new battery’ with the idea of batteries being replaceable. So there are chances, after the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 could be another flagship device which will come with a removable battery.


Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

For many years, Samsung is playing with the operating system of their phones. Samsung also developed their very own operating system Tizen OS which does not garner as much popularity as Android. However, a recent patent showed that the Korean tech giant is again thinking to replace Android with other OS in their upcoming smartphones. As Tizen is not at all a suitable and perfect replacement for Android in their upcoming flagship device, the company is thinking to install both Android and Windows in the Galaxy S8. The user will also be able to switch or boot into either OS as per their choice and demand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price

So if the Galaxy S8 comes with the dual-boot technology and two completely different operating systems, it will give them a massive edge over their rival smartphone making companies. From the user’s point of view, it will be a real gem too. The users will get the best of both operating systems in one phone. Samsung previously tried the same thing, doing the dual-boot, when they launched the Ativ Q convertible laptop in 2013, but the laptop did not gain as much popularity as the company expected and had to shelve the product eventually.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

The patent we are talking about earlier also revealed some images where the company explained the idea of booting multiple operating systems on a mobile handset and whether Android and Windows could coexist on a handset or not. The images also described how the users would be able to switch between the operating systems.

Samsung Galaxy Price

Although the images did not reveal the name of the device, it could be an upcoming Galaxy Note or a tablet made by Samsung. Moreover, before you start dancing in joy about the dual–boot and two operating systems in a single smartphone, keep in mind that technology described in patents isn’t always implemented in commercial products.

Galaxy S8 Variants

Initially the rumors were that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in a single variant with curved displays. But recently some news came from the insiders that there are going to be two model numbers of the device and the variants will be different from each other depending on the processor or region. The insider source said, “There are two versions of the Galaxy S8 which are internally referred to as Dream and Dream2 and bear model numbers SM-G950 and SMG955 respectively.”

Samsung Galaxy S8 Key Specs At a Glance

  • Display: 5.5-inch
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Processor: Snapdragon 830
  • Operation System: Android Nougat and Windows 11
  • Internal Memory: 64GB
  • Rear Camera: 12MP and 13MP
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 3,500 mAh removable battery

Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung has been pretty consistent with their releases and is extremely likely to stick to their annual release date for their flagship devices. And Asian market is probably going to be the lucky ones to land their hands on the device. The South Korean mobile manufacturing company will probably unveil the Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Conference 2017 event. The event is likely to happen in the last week of February or the first week of March 2017 and will go on sale around April. When Samsung announces an official release date for Galaxy S8, we’ll let the readers know.

Recently, after the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has been heavily criticized due to the dodgy production fault of the coveted device. A small number of users have complained that the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 has violently exploded while charging the phablet. This has given birth of massive controversies, and the Korean company is expecting to suffer tremendous losses as the consequences.

Thus, Samsung is thinking to launch the Galaxy S8 device earlier than we expected to compensate the losses they face due to the Galaxy Note 7. Though the firm has not confirmed the news yet, neither have they given any hints, according to Korea Herald, Samsung is preparing to move forward the Galaxy S8 Release date. Initially, we thought the tech giant would follow the same pattern of the unveiling of their last two Galaxy S devices, and would host a launch event a day or two ahead of the MWC conference in Barcelona, Spain, which is scheduled to take place in late February to the first week of March. But in this current scenario, it seems like, that won’t be the case and the tech conglomerate might release the Samsung Galaxy S8 in early or mid-January. Or, if Samsung wants to play really bold, they might unveil the flagship device before the Christmas 2016 too.

Here a list of release dates for the Galaxy S series based on which we are going to conclude a Samsung Galaxy S8 release date.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Release Dates

Galaxy S – March 2010

Galaxy S II – May 2011

Galaxy S III – May 2012

Galaxy S4 – April 2013

Galaxy S5 – April 2014

Galaxy S6 – April 2015

Galaxy S7 – March 2016

Galaxy S8 – March 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is likely to be a little more than that of S7, but fans will be happy to know that the increase won’t be anything too significant. Speculations are that an increase in price will be a great disappointment for Samsung enthusiasts, therefore, the company has intended to keep the price almost same just like they’ve kept the launch date around the same time as the last release.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was priced around $750 and $800, so we think is the Samsung Galaxy S8 price is going to be something under $1000. Another reason for not increasing the price of Galaxy S8 is that, these days competitors like Xiaomi, Huawei who are making some of the most excellent devices that are not just equipped with great features but are extremely pocket-friendly. We’ll update you on the official launch price once the official word is out from the company.

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Wrap Up

With the kind of expectations and rumors doing the round, one can tell Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S8 is already ranked as one of the top smartphones of the year 2017. We are constantly on the lookout for new developments or leaked news on the Galaxy S8, and as we get them, we are going to keep updating this post. Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S8 new features, specs, and rumors.